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Now new dimensions can be added to your print communication, to enhance the beauty and effect of print communication, interiors, merchandising, packaging, etc, as lenticular printing brings pictures closest to the look of the original objects, making them most charming and visually appealing. In terms of colour, sharpness and depth. The first step in this Lenticular or 3d medium is to choose the effect that best suits your graphic or the message you are trying to communicate. The Photoshop PSD files received from clients are processed in our own tailor made software ‘PICTOREAL’ to provide variety of Lenticular effects viz 3D depth, Flip, Zoom, Morphing and Twist.
According to a research conducted in America it is observed that an advertising campaign carried out with the help of lenticular printing attracts attention to the tune of six times more than that of a conventional print advertisement. This definitely increases the visibility and efficiency of the advertisement and engages public attention for a long time, which undoubtedly helps in generating greater brand recall and increase in sales. Lenticular Advantages: Salient Features A novel concept Highly noticeable Projects simple marketing ideas creatively Unfurls before & after, cause & outcome effects with ease Gives a realistic view Very Attractive Engages interest for a long time Boost up to the promotional campaigns Very cost-effective Replacement of old with wonderful innovations Durability