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3d Lenticular effect ahmedabad india

With 3D being the latest mantra and our forte; we facilitate our clients to stand out from their competitors by displaying applications that are more alluring due to their astonishing Lenticular effects like depth, flip, motion, etc. without the use of 3D glasses. It allows you to be much more creative than conventional printing and not only makes your message leap out, but its various effects also grab people's attention. It provides you with endless creative ways to effectively get your message across especially because moving images are more memorable, and retain customer consciousness for a longer time.
This type of 3D printing is a combination of two or more images viewed by a specialized lens material to create the illusion of animation or three-dimension.
The Photoshop PSD files received from clients are processed in our own tailor made software ‘PICTOREAL’ to provide variety of Lenticular effects viz 3D depth, Flip, Zoom, Morphing and Twist.

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